User Policy and Fees

  1. Welcome to our site. Please read and agree to follow our “Workflow” and policies on the website.
  2. As the website is opened to the public, anyone should check and obey your local law, regulations and policies regarding your listings.
  3. Free to post  products for all approved vendors.
  4. Service Fee:10% of vendor sales will be the website’s service fees now. 
  5. Taxes:The website is a marketplace in BC Canada, so the website and Vendors should charge and remit taxes (GST, HST, PST and more) according to canadian federal and BC provincial tax policies. As the website issues Invoices to all orders’ customers, this means that the website purchases producst from vendors for resale on the marketplace, therefore the website will collect and remit all the taxes, and the vendors will charge and remit GST of the Net sales ( total sales – service fee) because only GST need to be charged for resale in BC . In the same way, shipping Fee will be charged taxes ( GST, PST) also. If Vendors don’t have GST/HST/QST numbers and don’t remit taxes, the website will collect all these taxes to remit; If If Vendors have GST/HST/QST numbers and remit taxes, the website will transfer vendors’ GST tax with vendors’ net sales earning ( net sales + shipping fee) when vendors request to withdraw earnings from the website.
  6. Canadian Gift Market keeps our right to suspend and terminate our service to anyone who can’t follow our policies.