Marketing Agents needed

We, Vandica Business Inc., need some commissioned Marketing Agents to find Canadian Gift Wholesalers, help them open online stores and post products on our platform The job requirements is as below:

  1. What Skill is needed?
  • Communicate fluently over phone and email in English.
  • Basic computer skill – Email, google search, open an online store and post products.
  • Gift/Fashion accessory experience will be preferred.
  1. What is the job?

To promote our platform (website) in Canada, the Marketing Agents will find Canadian Gift Wholesalers to open stores for free and publish 10 products or up on our platform (website).

  1. How to start the job?
  • This job is working from home, flexible hours and commissioned only ( $50 each store ).
  • We don’t need any interview, you just show us what is your first customer ( wholesaler ) and help him/her to open a store and post products on our website, then we sign a commissioned contract with you. Before you help to open any store, it is better way to show us what the wholesaler is so that we pre-check to make sure that it meets our requirement.
  1. Why to open a store on our platform?
  • No budget to attend trade shows
  • No time to run a showroom
  • No ability to own a website
  • No enough sales to support your business
  • Open a store for free on our platform
  • Our platform is top-ranked with Google Search, on 1st page as Canadian Gift Wholesalers, Hat Wholesale Canada
  • Let our customers order your products
  • Favorable Process Fee ( 10% sales ) . It is lower than most sales reps’ commission.
  1. What is Gift?

Gift includes Personal goods such as apparel, fashion accessory, hats, scarves, belts, gloves, shoes, socks, jewelry, bags, sunglasses, T-shirt, toys and more.

  1. Where and how to find these Canadian Gift Wholesalers ?

With google search, you will find out thousands of these wholesalers from exhibitors or vendors at Canadian Trades Shows such as  Vancouver Gift Expo,  Toronto Gift + Home Market , Alberta Gift + Home Market ,  Quebec Marketplace Expo  ,  Trends Apparel  ,  Mode Show  ,  Metro Show and more. Any wholesalers out of these trade shows need verifying.

  1. What is a valid store?
  • All wholesale stores locate in Canada
  • The store is new.
  • The store owners agree to open stores on our platform.
  • The vendor account and store includes all requires fields such as vendor’s email address and phone numbers, location and more.
  1. How to open a store and post products?

View online User Guide at

  1. The agreement is effective until the end of Dec 31, 2023.

 Please email your resume to 

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